Period Positivity Program

Accessible Period Care For All

Period care in schools, tertiary and workplaces is important for many reasons.  The shame and embarrassment surrounding periods and the inability to access period care can have adverse reactions on education and work outcomes.  Create positive change and support your students and staff by providing free period care products via a discreet bathroom dispenser.  This can lead to positive outcomes from inclusivity to better performance. Period. 

Accessible Period Care For All

These Are The Facts

These Are The Facts

How The Program Works

Step 1

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Step 2

Work with us to understand your dispenser requirements

Step 3

Utilise the Libra Period Positivity resources to communicate and promote your participation in the program

How The Program Works

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Help them thrive.

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Support your people.

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Help them succeed.

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We bleed.
We lead.
We succeed.
It’s natural.
It’s normal.
It’s healthy.

Accessible Period Care
Is A necessity, not a luxury.
The time for
A positive change is here.
Set your own standards.
Reinvent the norm.
Pave the way.

Support your people to be

whomever, to do whatever.

Allow them to grow.

To thrive. To succeed.

Everyone Deserves it. Period


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