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Apr 02, 2019

Period Fast Facts

We know you’re busy with school, friends, you know, pretty much anything but reading up about periods. So here’s the low down on what you need to know:

  • Unless you tell people, they don’t know you have your period
  • Tampons don’t fall apart, drop out, get stuck or lost, and a string breaking is extremely rare
  • Whitish or clear discharge is normal; if it’s greenish or smelly, it could be an infection and you should see a doctor
  • There’s no odour from your period if you use a tampon
  • To avoid odour with pads, just change them regularly
  • ‘Spotting’ is a small amount of blood (a spot!) in your undies but you don’t have your period; it’s not uncommon and a liner will manage it if it happens often
  • Puberty for boys is triggered by a hormone called ‘testosterone’ and often starts a bit later than puberty for girls
  • When you have your period, you should be able to do all the things you would if you didn’t have your period! (Although if you’re swimming, you must use a tampon)
  • You stop having periods around the age of 50; this stage is called menopause.

Any other questions? Ask Gemmah! She’s always happy to help.


Love, Libra x