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Is our age gap a problem?

Oct 26, 2018

I like my old crush's bestfriend. let's call my crush C .I'm homeschooled and so are they, we have a mutual science class every week (for homeschoolers) and that's the only time I see C. we talk on snapchat a lot, and sometimes I use the filters and he calls the snaps cute. I think he likes me but. there is a problem. I'm 13 and he's 15.... He also lives like 40 minutes away. I'm now good friends with my old crush and sometimes he teases me about C. Thats a sign right? I know he might be too old for me but if i'm 33 and he's 35 its nothing. I think i'm just denying it so it doesn't become a problem. What do I do?

Gemmah Says

Hi there Casual_Maggie, you are absolutely right - as you get older and more mature, the age gap feels a lot less. And yes, it does sound like he likes you and the fact you're snap chatting is fantastic - it means you're talking and getting to know each other and obviously enjoy each others company. My advice is just carry on as you are - chatting and having fun and maybe getting a few butterflies! There is the obstacle of him being 40 minutes away, but in some ways, it also makes the relationship 'safe' in terms of any physical expectations (even holding hands or hugging) which isn't always a bad thing! So just be in the moment, enjoy what's happening and see where it goes. Good luck! LGx

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