The complete School Resource Kit

Free School Product Kit:

Libra is offering a FREE School Resource Kit to support the delivery of the program and the education of your students! Teachers and Educators in Australia and NZ may order one free kit per year. Kits will be delivered free of charge, simply fill in the form to order yours!


  • 30 x Libra Girl cards
  • 1 x Libra kit product sheet
  • 1 x pack of Libra Girl Regular Pads
  • 1 x pack of Libra Girl Goodnight Pads
  • 1 x pack of Libra 2 in 1 liners
  • 1 x pack of Libra Girl Regular Tampons

PLUS Free School Resource Pack:

Libra will also email you the full set of education resources when you order our School Product Kit.


  • All teaching resources
  • Supporting resources for parents

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