Feb 08, 2021

A How to Guide for Women's Masturbation

From face masks to hot baths, we’re advocates of self-love in its many fabulous forms. In fact, one of our favourite things to do, is to take self-love clit-erally! We could rave all day about the benefits of women’s masturbation. It’s the greatest way to bring on good vibes, satisfaction and instant relaxation – hands down! On or off your period, self-pleasure and solo sessions are a fun part of loving yourself; so sit down, grab a hand-held mirror, and scroll on to Love Libra’s how to guide for women’s masturbation.


To begin with, there are 5 major pleasure zones to touch on with women’s masturbation: the clitoris, G-spot, A-spot, O-spot and V-spot. While you may not have heard of every one, the important thing to know is that more spots = more opportunities for pleasure!


Zone 1: The Clitoris

What: Small in size but big in good feels, the clitoris is one of the most sensitive pleasure zones. Filled with nerve endings, it’s well-known as the pleasure centre of the vulva.

Where: You’ll find the part most commonly referred to as the clit, the ‘glans clitoris’, at the very top of your inner lips. That said, there’s more to the clit than the eye can see; it’s part of a structure (called the ‘urethral-clitoral complex’) that extends into the body, under the labia, and back towards the pelvis.

How: As well as from the outside, the clit can also be stimulated from inside the vagina. There are many ways to explore clitoral stimulation, but using your fingers is a great way to start!


Zone 2: The G-Spot

What: With the structure of the clitoris in mind, you can think of the G-spot as the root of the internal clit. While it may be referred to as a ‘spot’, it’s actually more of an area made up of the vagina, clitoral body and legs of the clitoris.

Where: Located at the front of the vaginal wall, it can be found by inserting two fingers into the vagina and hooking up just behind the pubic bone. As the G-spot is located close to the urethral sponge and Skene’s Glands, stimulating it can lead to incredible orgasms and female ejaculation (aka ‘squirting’).

How: Since it’s internal, it can be a little trickier to get your hands on, so try experimenting with different movements, pressure and sex toys to work out what feels best for you!


Zone 3: The A-Spot

What: Going even deeper past the G-spot, you’ll find another pleasurable spot of tissue – the A-spot (called ‘the anterior fornix’).

Where: It’s found around 8-10cm inside the vagina, located at the inner ends of the vaginal tube, between the cervix and the bladder.

How: The A-spot can be stimulated with your longest finger in a ‘come here’ type motion, or with the help of a trusty G-spot wand! As the rectal wall and vagina are separated by a thin layer of tissue, you can also indirectly stimulate this back-end of the clitoris via deep anal penetration.


Zone 4: The O-Spot

What: Thanks to the O-spot, cervical orgasms ARE a thing! Sometimes called the C-spot, this zone can be applauded for making vaginal sex more pleasurable.

Where: It is technically located behind the cervix, however, we have reachable nerve endings on the cervix that are sensitive to pressure and pleasure.

How: To stimulate the O-spot, start by locating your G-spot, turn your finger 180 degrees to face the back wall of your vagina, press in deeper, experiment with different movements that feel good to you and voila! Similarly to the A-spot, it can also be reached via the anus.

*Word to the wise: As the cervix is sensitive and can change throughout your cycle, proceed gently, so as to avoid any bruising.


Zone 5: The V-Spot

What: The V-spot, or the ‘vaginal vestibule’, refers to the opening of the vagina. This area contains a lot of nerve endings that we can use to our advantage!

Where: Located before entering the canal, just past the inner lips. You may find that the bottom of the opening is one of the most sensitive parts of the V-spot.

How: The V-spot pleasure zone can be gently stimulated using fingers or a toy – experiment to your heart’s desire!


With so many different pleasure zones and potential for self-love, the possibilities for masturbation as a woman are practically endless! Not sure where to start? Here are Team Libra’s top 3 solo sex positions:


The One-handed Wonder: Simply lie down on your back, get comfy, cross one leg over the other and get touching! This is an easy way to begin, as you can explore gradually with your fingers or a sex toy. Experiment with placement, pressure and different movements.