Jun 08, 2021

Best Period Products for Each Stage of the Menstruation Cycle

Menstruating is a PROCESS. A rollercoaster. A short holiday to Pimple Ville. A wild ride. It features a seriously broad-spectrum of colours, #feels and ice cream cravings. As your flow comes and goes, a lot of changes are going on down there. We know that the tsunami wave of fiery, strawberry-jam coloured blood that reports for duty on day one for most, is very different to those last day lingers. This can make choosing the best period product tricky.

So, “what can I use for my period at each phase of the cycle?” (We’re so glad you asked). If we cracked open the piñata of period products, it would rain down with pads, tampons, liners and all of their absorbencies, superpowers and so on.

You see, like dressing for each day of the week, – when you think about the weather, date nights, brunches and workout sessions – periods can be accessorised in totally different ways depending on exactly where you’re at in your cycle.



We’ve got the lowdown below on the best period products to wear and when to wear them, so you can live your best life on your period. Just remember: your cycle may be different from that of the next person, so don’t feel pressure to follow this guide step-by-step. Listen to your flow and play with what works best for you! Let’s go.

Day 1

Ding dong! It’s here! Your period has just crashed the party, but it’s going to be okay - you are ready. With a stash of Extra Super Pads, and Body Fit Super Tampons or a pair of Period Proof Briefs, even your heaviest flow day won’t stand a chance at springing any sneaky leaks or surprise spills. We’ll let you suss the pad versus tampon versus briefs dilemma based on what you’re getting up to. Pool day? Tampons, are your MVP. Chilled day at home? Pads or briefs might be the go.


Catching those Zzzs

No one wants to go to bed and have their Noah Centineo / Harry Styles / Madison Bailey dreams interrupted by a period. For those heavy flow nights, our Goodnights Extra Long & Wide pads will provide the ultimate overnight protection. They’re great to wear to bed and are 28% longer and 50% wider at the back. Or, try our Libra Reusable Period Underwear range for all night comfort and protection. For the remaining nights of your period when your flow is no longer an outpour, we recommend putting on your favourite Libra Goodnights pad or the Libra Reusable Period Underwear before hopping into bed. Both will provide up to 10-12 hours of absorbency, whilst still being super comfortable legends. They’re so bloody good at what they do that you won’t even notice they’re there.

Beauty sleep is SO important to keep our lives in check, especially when we’re bleeding. For the girls who want extra peace of mind, toss and turn during the night, or experience a really heavy flow, we have the answer! Our Goodnights Pants offer complete 360° leakage protection, comfort and security for your slumber. So whether you have a SUPER heavy flow, or suffer from a condition like endometriosis or PCOS, you can sleep without fear of leaking. Sweet dreams are made of our Goodnights range.


Day 2

We’ve just entered Medium Flow Town. Things are still pretty hectic on the bleeding front, so we want to be a little bit #extra in our protection measures. Off to uni? Pop some Extra Regular Pads or Body Fit Regular Tampons in your beauty bag. These guys have that ‘just right’ absorbency level, so you can cruise through Day 2. If you’re after something a little bit more discreet, then the Ultra Thin pads are for you.


Day 3

Home stretch, baby! This period just got a little lighter. You’re no longer doing the mad shower-to-pad dash and there’s less chance of turning your towel tie dye. Phewph. This is when we like to hang with our Ultra Thin Regular Pads. They’re easy-going, but still mean business. These pads are fabulously thin and effortlessly move with your body. Just like you in your PJs watching a Netflix marathon, they’re chillin’, but still getting the job DONE.


Day 4

Maybe there’s a little bit of blood here ‘n there, in a polka dot sort of fashion that we like to call ‘spotting.’ But we’re talking dribs and drabs, end-of-the-tomato-sauce-bottle kind of minimalism. Your period is on its way outta here! The best period product for this scenario would be our Invisible Regular Pads. P.S! There’s a reason we call them invisible. You can go to that pilates class in those gorgeous new tights without worrying about pad bumps and scrunches. They can also absorb 10 times their weight, so if your period decides to make a surprise encore, our Invisible Pads have got you covered! 


Day 5-10

Discharge can be a bit of an unpredictable, irregular minx. No need to stress! Our ProSkin Double 2 in 1 Liners will become your go-to, keeping you feeling effortlessly fresh whether you’re experiencing a little or a lot of discharge. Double 2 in 1 liners have not one but TWO layers of liner. Ooh la la! Once you’re done with the top one, you just peel it back to reveal a brand, spankin’ new layer of oh-so-freshness. This is how we #backitup.


Day 11-14

We’ve hit nation ovulation. This is when an egg is released and begins to travel down the fallopian tube on a little vacay. What does that mean for the undies? Basically, it’s totally normal to have some discharge going on here. There’s nothing gross about it – just your body doing its thing! When you’re really noticing discharge, or you’re wearing a fabulous pair of underwear that you want to keep looking and feeling fresh, just pop on one of our ProSkin Extra Protect Liners. Our Extra Protect liners have also built in odour control and a unique BodyFit® design, made to move with you as you slay the day. You could also wear our Period Proof Briefs. They’re not just designed to absorb menstrual fluid, they’ll keep you feeling fresh from discharge and sweat as well.