Jun 06, 2021

First Period Signs and Symptoms

Feeling a little nervous about getting your first period in isolation? We promise you that we’ve ALL been there before and we’ll let you in on a secret: it doesn’t need to be a biggie! You may have heard about it from your mum, your BFF or your big sis… or maybe you haven’t heard much about it at all. No matter your situation, your Libra Girl Gang is here to fill you in on all things first-period-related. From the possible signs and symptoms of your first period, to what is a period, to what it will feel like, to what age it might come, to the possible signs and symptoms of your first period. We’ve got it all covered for you right here!


What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Your First Period?

As your body starts to prepare for your first period, there are common signs and symptoms that you may experience along the way. You might notice some gradual changes happening to your body, such as:

  • Hair growing where it wasn’t before – like under your armpits and on your vagina
  • Your body shape changing – like your breasts growing and your hips widening
  • Vaginal discharge – a little bit of clear or white liquid that comes out of the vagina​ (easily handled with liners)​
  • Body odour – when sweat gets smelly (FYI: regular showers and deodorant will help you handle this!)
  • Acne/breakouts – pimples starting to appear on your face or body (time to start a skincare routine!)

As well as bodily changes, you may also experience PMS, or ‘premenstrual syndrome.’


Typical signs and symptoms of PMS are:

  • Cramps/pain in your lower belly or back
  • Bloating in your belly
  • Soreness in your breasts
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Feeling tired, moody or irritable
  • Craving certain foods, like chocolate


What To Expect From Your First Period

Before getting your first period, it’s great to know exactly what’s happening to your body so that you can feel prepared! Did you know that your period (a.k.a. menstruation) is your body’s way of preparing you to have babies one day? On the outside, it looks like blood coming out of the vagina (around 2-3 tablespoons worth) for a few days every month. But what’s really happening on the inside is that the lining of your uterus has thickened to support a fertilised egg, for the purpose of pregnancy. If the egg hasn’t been fertilised by sperm (through sexual intercourse), it breaks down instead. It then leaves the body through the vagina, along with the lining of the uterus, blood, mucus, tissue and other bodily matter – a.k.a. period or menstruation. Depending on how heavy your period’s flow is, this might feel like some blood dripping out or just a little bit of dampness down there.


We know it may sound a bit scary, but it’s absolutely not! Having your period is a totally normal and natural process, and one that every woman will experience around 450-500 times during her life! While your first period will feel new to you, after it happens, you’ll know exactly what the signs and symptoms are for the future.


What Age You Might Get Your First Period

While we’d love to tell you the age, time and location that you’ll get your first period, unfortunately there’s no exact answer to this! On average, most of us will get it for the first time around the ages of 12-13, but it can arrive anytime between 8-16 years of age. And as a rule of thumb, it’ll be about 2 years after your breasts start to develop. But remember girl, our bodies are all running on different schedules – what’s normal for you might not be exactly what your BFF experiences. All we can really do is wait patiently and watch out for tell-tale signs and symptoms of your first period.


What Your First Period Looks Like

It can be a little different for everyone, but your first period is usually pretty light, and may only last a few days. During this time, it can change colour from light red, to brown, to dark red/blackish (all normal!). And while it may possibly look like a lot of blood is coming out, it’s really only around 2-3 tablespoons at most; it just looks dramatic against a white pad!


If the period you experience is a lot lighter and sticks around for a shorter amount of time, you may just be spotting instead. Spotting means any bleeding outside of the time of your period. Rest assured that occasional spotting is super common and is usually related to changes in hormones – however, if you’re worried, have a chat to your Mum or GP!


What To Do When You Get Your First Period

First of all, BREATHE! You might wake up in the morning to see your first period has arrived on your bed sheets (argh), or you might be out on a walk around the block and notice your undies are feeling a bit damp. Although it can be surprising, it’s no biggie; this can be taken care of and cleaned up quite easily with some soap and cold water!


To avoid any tricky situations, simply keep some period protection handy, whether that be pads, liners and/or tampons. For first timers, we definitely recommend starting out with our Libra Girl Pads, until you feel comfortable and ready to try out tampons. So that you’ve got all the bases covered, check out our free Sample Kits, ready for you to stash in your bag and your bathroom drawer.  Order your sample online, and we’ll deliver it straight to your doorstep.