May 28, 2024

How To Use Underwear Liners

One-liners? We have plenty of 'em. Underwear liners? We have those, too. They're a seriously useful but underrated product to keep in your period stash. From keeping you feeling fresh down there to those 'are we doing this or not?' period moments, liners are helpful to use around your menstrual cycle and beyond. We want to share a few reasons why you should use liners and clear up some confusion about them while we're at it - If you don't already have a pack in your bathroom drawer or bag, you'll soon want to!

What are underwear liners? 

Liners are period products that look similar to pads – like its cute baby sister. They attach to your undies like a pad, but the main difference is they are super-duper thin. Instead of unwrapping a pad every time you want to keep your knickers cleaner for longer, a liner is a lightweight, discreet alternative. You can use it daily if you wish or whenever you feel like you need it.

Our liners are extra special, featuring ProSkin technology. The top sheet is infused with lactic acid to help support a healthy vaginal pH balance and care for your intimate area. 
Using products that help to maintain a healthy vaginal pH is not just for when you have a problem, it’s important to help prevent infections and keep things balanced down there. A healthy vaginal pH range is between 3.8 to 4.5 which is slightly acidic. When the pH becomes too alkaline, it can cause irritation and allow the overgrowth of unhealthy bacteria. ProSkin helps maintain the ideal pH with a gentle lactic acid.

When should you wear a liner?

Liners are versatile, so let’s go through some of the occasions when you might want to pop one on. 

  1. Want to stay feeling fresh?

    Although it's totally normal to see discharge in your undies, the damp feeling can be a bit unpleasant. Despite their size, liners can be pretty absorbent, soaking up discharge so you and your undies stay dry and feeling fresh. This is especially helpful for the week or so leading up to your period when you might notice more discharge.  

    Even if you're not having periods because of pregnancy, contraceptives, menopause, or other reasons, liners are still a must-have. Hot weather, workouts, travel days, or a few too many hours between showers can leave your underwear feeling less than pristine. Our ProSkin Liners will let your skin breathe whilst supporting a healthy pH balance, so you’ll be covered until you pop on a fresh pair of undies. 
  2. Is your period light?

    Whether your period is very light or it’s the last few days and you don’t require full-on protection, a liner can be a great option. If a liner is enough to absorb your period and keep you feeling comfortable, you can use that instead of pads, tampons, or period underwear. You don’t necessarily have to use anything more absorbent if you don’t need to. It’s all about flowing your own way! 
  3. Are you waiting for your first period?

    Okay, so there’s been some signs that your first period is on its way, but it hasn’t quite happened yet. While you wait for it to arrive, liners can serve a couple of purposes.
    • Consider them your training wheels before hopping on a bike. It won’t feel like your first rodeo donning a pad when you’ve had some practice with the fit and feel of a liner.
    • You probably won’t know when your period will start, so using liners can help you feel more prepared. If you’ve experienced other symptoms that suggest your period is on it’s way (think cramps, brownish discharge and feeling a little irritable), wearing a liner ensures you’re protected and your period won’t catch you by surprise.  
  4. Do you need back-up protection?

    Surprsie periods aren’t just for first-timers! Maybe your period is a bit unpredictable or irregular. Or perhaps you sometimes bleed at random times of the month. Those handy period tracking apps might not always line up with your body’s plans, which makes it hard to know when exactly you need to start using pads, tampons, or period undies. Enter, liners.

If you know you’re due-ish or you’ve been spotting in your undies lately, it’s a good idea to pop a liner on in the days leading up to your period. Do the same thing when your flow is on its way out, and you’ll have a good chance of keeping your favourite pairs of undies stain-free!

Which liner should you use?

Everyone’s body and cycle is different, which is why we have various liners to suit your needs.

Libra liners are all made with soft, breathable materials and feature our ProSkin top sheet, which is infused with a mild lactic acid. Designed for everyday use, they help support a healthy pH balance and to care for your vagina.
Is it just us or are liners actually a genius invention? Now that you know what they’re all about, you can forget those damp feels or surprise arrivals. But don’t keep this secret all to yourself. Pass this blog onto the pal whose period just started, or the BFF who’s always umm-ing and ahh-ing over when theirs is coming next.
Love, Libra x

Essity Australasia makes no warranties or representations regarding the completeness or accuracy of the information. This information should be used only as a guide and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional, medical or other health professional advice.


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