Dec 15, 2020

Meet the Most Inspirational Women of 2020

We’re that ready to kick 2020 to the curb. This year has been like being on day two of your period for 365 days. But in the spirit of living liberated and looking on the brighter side of life, we recognise that it’s during times of great adversity that some of the most awe-evoking humans step forward to shine, inspire and get us laughing again . We’re taking a look back at the year-that-was to celebrate some obscenely talented, clever and hilarious women who’ve made epic moves over the last 12 months. Consider this an appreciation post for some of the most inspirational women that’ve made us go ‘wow’ too many times to count in 2020.


Brooke Blurton – @brooke.blurton

Source: @brooke.blurton

The first star in our lineup of inspirational women is Brooke Blurton. Proud Noongar/Yamatji woman, she rallies behind the LGBTIQ+ community and Indigenous Australians. Brooke’s covered Western Australian NRL as a host, she’s an R U OK ambassador, AND an E!’s Australian Social Star of 2020 nominee, just to name a few accolades. Beyond the gigs and titles, it’s Brooke’s passion, dedication and plight to generate greater understanding of what it means to liberate those around us from prejudice that makes her a living icon. Her inclusivity, acceptance and championing of others is something we can all achieve. Talk about setting a STELLAR example.


Jessica Nguyen_ – @jessica_nguyen_

Source: @jessica_nguyen_

Jess Nguyen might’ve led you through an at-home vodka pasta recipe or two this year in the depths of lockdown. The self made Insta chef lost her marketing job in February this year due to the pandemic. From there, she flung herself into her biggest passion to pass some newly freed-up time: cooking. From 4,000 to over 50,000 followers, Jess has become a seriously well-dressed, hyper-talented and ever-humble home cooking connoisseur. From cocktails to carbonara, the gal’s schooled us through it all. Building her project-of-love into a fully-fledged business, Jess now collabs with like minded brands such as The Iconic, VOGUE Australia and Dan Murphy’s. She’s all about those zingy Asian dishes and Italian masterpieces. Oh, and we can’t neglect to mention her famous chilli oil that has now been transformed into a ready-to-purchase product for everyone to douse their summer spreads in. *Licks lips.*


Moana Hope – @moana.hope

Source: @moana.hope

Moana Hope’s surname couldn’t be more fitting if it tried. This blazing beauty radiates, inspires and embodies what it means to have hope. Moana speaks up for people with life-altering disabilities and the LGBTIQ+ community. For those struggling with incomprehensible barriers to some of our favourite everyday routines, she reminds us that liberation is always possible with the support, understanding and community of others. Not only has she uplifted a lot of young women out there facing some of life’s intensities, she’s helping those who can’t relate to learn, feel educated and seek to understand. This year, Moana and her wife gave birth to an absolute cutie of a baby girl, Svea, and we can’t get enough of this courageous clan.


The Shameless Girls – @shamelesspodcast