Sep 02, 2018

Our 5 Winter Must Haves

Winter is here, and it’s definitely a love/hate, casual type of relationship. We absolutely love the excuse to binge watch Netflix with our girls with copious mugs of green tea in hand, as well as bundling up in our favourite cosy knits and pom pom beanies.

But, we really dislike the inevitable dry skin, the constantly chapped lips and the many moments we’re stuck in the rain with no umbrella. (Or even worse, when the brolly turns upside down in the wind. I die.)

Don’t worry girl, to get you through the chills for the next three (VERY LONG) months, we’ve carefully curated our top 5 ‘Must Haves’ for the season. Think of it as your winter survival kit, because we’re here to support you.

Number 1 – Get Binging.

Winter is the perfect excuse to shamelessly binge your favourite TV series – because who wants to hit the town when your bed is comfy and warm? Not us! Comedy-drama series, with our girls and choc, is our preferred way to spend the night. Our recommendation? TV series Younger that’s back for its fifth season on Stan. If you’re not already addicted to this series – get watching sister. From the producer of Sex And The City, the series is based on the life of Liza, a 40 year old single mum who pretends to be a 26 year old in order to kick start her career again in NYC. She lands a job as an assistant at the top publishing firm, an adorable millennial tattoo-artist boyfriend and #everythinggoals work bestie, played by Hilary Duff. A rom-com of lies that is equally hilarious and cringeworthy. Trust us, you will love it. Sweetbitter is another must-watch. Based on the best-selling book by Stephanie Danler, we follow 22-year-old Tess who is looking for a fresh start, and quickly becomes intoxicated with the chaotic behind-the-scenes world of a NYC restaurant. Or if you’re a doco gal, we recommend literally ANYTHING by UK documentarian Stacey Dooley. If you want to kick it old school, we would never be opposed to a bit of Gossip Girl. All 6 seasons are now on Netflix. You’re welcome.

Number 2 – Keep Active.

Why not try a hot yoga class? We know workouts become a lot less desirable as the cold weather kicks in, but there is nothing better than 45 minutes focusing on mindfulness and meditation while getting your body moving! This practise is a step up from regular vinyasa flow, and holds a range of winter health benefits. We can assure you you’ll be sweating out the winter sniffles in no time. Just remember to allow 5-10 minutes to let your body temperature normalise before braving the elements, and rug up in your Kathmandu puffer jacket and ugg boots!

Number 3 – Libra Extra Goodnights With Wings.

Winter means it’s time to bring out your Cotton On Body flannel PJs and switch on that electric blanket. We know there is nothing quite like listening to the rain outside when you’re toasty warm in bed and we’ve designed our Libra Extra Goodnights with Wings so you’re utterly comfortable and protected while getting shut-eye at that time of month. They’re our softest pads, with the highest level of absorbency along with extra length so we’ve got you covered in any sleeping position – because we know nothing ruins a good night of sleep than an uncomfortable pad! Fit with our BodyFit® technology so the pad moves with you during the night, restful slumber is assured.

Number 4 – Sugarbaby&Co Good-Bye To Dry Sheet Masks.

Uh, winter is a nightmare for your skin. Spending more time indoors with heaters blaring and then being exposed to the harsh elements outside, can cause your skin to seriously dehydrate. So, remember to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Treat yo-self to a weekly sheet mask to give your skin that extra hit of hydration with SugarBaby&Co’s Good-Bye To Dry for a moisture boost. (It’s only $6.95 – cray). A deeply hydrating facial mask filled with nourishing properties such as Jojoba and Coconut Fruit Acid, it will leave you glowing, girl.

Number 5 – A Good Book.

Our inner book nerd gets really excited when winter rolls around, because rainy days = time to chill on the couch. So get the kettle boiling, put on your fluffy pink bed socks, bundle up in your most daggy and comfortable sweater and dive into a good book. Our recommendation this season? A.J. Finn’s The Woman in the Window. It’s a psychological thriller – think Gone Girl vibe! Based around the character Anna Fox, who spends her days observing her neighbours from the window of her small NYC apartment, when she witnesses something no one was supposed to see. A total page turner. Into The Water by Paula Hawkins (author of Girl On the Train) and The Sun and her flowers by Rupi Kaur are must- reads. Get to it!


Hopefully with this little list, you’ll be a ray of sunshine on the greyest of winter days.


Love, Libra x



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