Mar 07, 2021

Talking International Women’s Day with Abbie Chatfield

She’s been hailed Queen of The Jungle, resident podcast royal and exudes an all-round empowering big sister aura that we want to turn to at every cramp, laugh, cry or bout of confusion.  Abbie Chatfield is taking two with us today for a deep dive on tackling taboos, mid-jungle periods and being her true self. This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating everything #woman and imploring you all to #choosetochallenge what exactly that means. Let’s go.


We know the term woman has a unique meaning for everyone. What does being a woman mean to you?

You’re totally right! It does have a different meaning for everyone, and has nothing to do with assigned gender at birth. I would say, for me, that being a woman means being part of a sisterhood, of a wider group of people who live through shared experiences, both good and bad, and are able to draw strength through that unity.


Congrats on being crowned queen of the jungle! You underwent some pretty crazy challenges. What did being on I’m A Celebrity teach you about yourself & what you can achieve? 

Thank you! I can’t quite believe it. I actually think the biggest thing I learned about myself was that I have so much more to learn about myself and the world. My fellow campmates are all incredible people whom I admire both personally and professionally. Listening to their lived experiences and hearing their advice inspired me to take a hold of all of the opportunities I’m fortunate enough to be offered.


How have you applied this attitude in the real world & what taboo or misconception are you currently choosing to challenge?

Since being out of the jungle I have been working harder than I ever have in my life! I feel like I haven’t had a day off since I said goodbye to my hideously uncomfortable camp bed. A huge focus for me right now is challenging and reevaluating my role within the Australian media landscape. As a young woman who has had her break in reality TV, it’s hard to be taken seriously and difficult to break free from expectations and stereotypes relating to my intelligence, work ethic and the reasons I do what I do. I would love to see a change in Australian mainstream media in which there is a focus on a younger demographic, increasing diversity and pushing boundaries.


We love seeing you tackling taboos, breaking down stereotypes and speaking up against bias. What advice do you have for others who #choosetochallenge this International Women’s Day?

My biggest advice is to just stop giving an F. like, really. Nothing matters more than being true to yourself and to what you stand for. Stand up for yourself and for others. Anyone you lose along the way wasn’t worth having there in the first place.


Periods don’t stop because you’re living in the jungle for 21 days! How did you manage your period whilst in the jungle?

 Oh my god it was a NIGHTMARE. I get pretty bad back pain and cramping

on day 1 and 2 of my period so I was so ill. Changing tampons in the long drop

was less than ideal and the inescapable heat made me more nauseous than usual. Not to be too graphic but…. the ONE good thing, period poos weren’t as intense because

we weren’t eating. Gross, but it is the reality!!


You’re now a pro at surviving in the jungle! If you had to do it again, what 3 essentials would you take with you?

I hope I NEVER have to do it again, but if I had to, I would take a notebook to be able to do daily journaling. The jungle was the best and worst of times and I wish I had a detailed account of each day (that isn’t condensed into an hour and a half long TV show daily). I’d also take lollies to help with energy lulls and probably an iPod. One of the most surprisingly difficult parts of the jungle was the lack of music (hence the joy we felt when singing our smash hit “Rice and Beans”)


You’re so busy! What’s next on your to-do list?

Oh god, I feel like that list is endless! My number one priority right now is finishing my book! Also, I’m really focusing on making my podcast, ‘It’s A lot’, the best it can be! I’m finally in the groove and loving doing episodes every week.

Need more Abbie, ASAP? Us too. Get your ears around her podcast to bide time until that splendorous book hits our shelves. Until then, do as Abbie would and back yourself, the people around you, and #choosetochallenge this IWD.

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Love, Libra x



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