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How Should I Dispose of Used Products

Never, and we mean ever, flush pads, tampons or liners down the toilet.

We know it’s tempting, we get it – it seems so discreet and easy and convenient – but all that will change when it blocks the sewer and a plumber needs to be called in to fix it. Trust us, that’s a lot more embarrassing than popping a small package in the bin!

Even for those items that may make it through the system, they clog up grates at sewage processing plants, get caught in pipes and can become hazardous waste. So please, please, please don’t do it.

Look out for…

Libra’s Roll. Press. Go. wrapper that’s now on most of our pad ranges; it’s opaque, resealable and perfect for disposing of a used pad discreetly.

For tampons and liners, simply wrap the used product in a small amount of toilet paper and slip them into the normal landfill waste bin. If you’re out and about, use the sanitary waste bins you find in most female toilets.

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Did you know?
In most regions of Australia, our koalas have a 100% infection rate of chlamydia.