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Period Myths Busted!

If you search for period and myths online, you get over 7 million results. Since we know a whole lot about periods we figured we might as well bust some of the crazy period myths out there!

1. You can’t go swimming while you have your period.

This is the biggest myth!  If you wear a tampon you can totally go swimming with your period. If you’re new to tampons check out our article on How to insert a tampon.  You can also start with our applicator tampons, which assist with easy application.  However, you cannot go swimming with just a pad or liner.

2. You should avoid sex when you’re on your period.

Sex during your period is fine, it’s really a personal choice as long as you and your partner are both consenting.  But remember having your period doesn’t prevent the risk of pregnancy!

3. You can lose your virginity by using a tampon.

Yeah, nah… that’s not true. This one started when the hymen, the small membrane that sits across the opening inside your vagina was deemed to be the physical indicator of virginity. These days, we know better. Yes, the hymen can be damaged with a tampon but it can also be torn from everyday activities and chances are, you won’t notice either.

These days, we use the word virginity to describe the status of not having had sexual intercourse. So whether or not your hymen is intact, if you’ve not had sexual intercourse, then you are in fact, a virgin.

4. Exercise is bad for you when you have your period

Exercising is almost always good for you.  It releases endorphins into the blood, helping to relieve cramps.  But let’s face it, at that time of the month some of us just want to lie in bed with Netflix and a hot water bottle, so it’s really up to you!  If you do choose to work out our Libra Invisible Sport products are specifically designed to keep you dry down during exercise.


5. You cannot get pregnant when you have your period.

It’s possible for ovulation to occur during your period, so it is absolutely possible to get pregnant while you’re in your period.

6. Your period comes every 28 days.

Cycles vary from person to person, month to month. Irregular periods are actually totally normal.  Stress, diet, travel or illness are all things that can contribute to a change in your cycle.  If you are really concerned though, it’s always best to visit the GP.

7. You lose a lot of blood during your period and therefore should rest a lot.

You lose about four tablespoons of blood during your period, so no need to panic or lie down!

8. If you don’t get your period you’re totally pregnant!

There are many factors that can delay your period, so it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re pregnant!  Stress, weight gain or loss, life changes are just a few.  But if you are concerned the best thing to do is to take a pregnancy test.  Then you’ll know for sure!

9. PMS is all in the mind.

Period pain is real ladies and as many of 85% of us experience it. The pain happens when the muscles in the uterus contract or tighten causing pain in the pelvic area, lower back, stomach, and even legs.


Asaleo Care makes no warranties or representations regarding the completeness or accuracy of the information. This information should be used only as a guide and should not be relied upon as a substitute for a GP, medical or other health professional advice.

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