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Which Pad is Right for Me?

Offering all-round comfort and protection at that time of the month, pads are the most popular feminine hygiene choice of women in Australia and New Zealand. But when it comes to staring down the colourful, seemingly endless selection along the supermarket shelves… it can get confusing.

Actually more than confusing – overwhelming! We’ve been right there with you. “Regular? Super? Should I buy two different types for day and night?!” Fear not, because we’re here to make things a little easier and help you choose what’s right for you.

So, where to from here? It’s time to go with the menstrual flow. All our pads are proudly made in Australia. Tick. So step 1 in choosing your pad, is to determine how heavy your period is. We categorise our pads in Regular, Super or Goodnights.

1. Regular offers medium absorbency. So for most people, Regular is perfect on day 3 onwards.

2. Super offers high absorbency. When your period is heavy, perhaps that’s day 1 and 2, you’ll be super duper ok.

3. Goodnights are extra in length and designed especially for your slumber. The longer a pad = the greater the absorbency. How so? Because when a pad is longer, there’s more surface area for absorbency. You are totally covered no matter what your sleeping position.

With your flow in the know, we get to business. We have 5 different types of pads and it starts to get personal… step 2 is when you decide what’s right for you. Many sisters feel more protected when their pad is thicker, but we’ll tell you something that will blow your mind. Absorbency does not equate to how thick your pad is. Huh? Absorbency and the effectiveness of a pad, comes down to the length of the pad and the technology used (more on this later!). Our Libra range includes:

1. Libra Girl. Sized and designed to fit smaller bodies.

2. Libra Invisible. The Rolls Royce of the pad world. Libra Invisibles absorb 10x their weight and are our thinnest pads. They quickly draw fluid away from the surface, so you’ll feel dryer. There’s also a Sport version that is undetectable under activewear, with camomile and aloe vera for added freshness.

3. Libra Ultra Thin. A super comfortable pad that’s thin but still protects you.

4. Libra Extra. Soft, cushiony and a thicker pad, giving you reassurance.

5. Libra Maternity. Extra thick, with new mums in mind, plus with aloe vera to soothe.

Step 3? Go out and enjoy the world girl. Or, stay home and curl up with Netflix. Either way, we promise we have you covered.

Anything else? Oh yes! There’s some special features across Libra pads. Tick and tick.

Body Fit Shape

What’s this? This is our signature design, resulting in our pads forming to the contours of your body.

Why do we include it? So your Libra pad moves flexibly with you.

Which Pads? Libra Girl, Libra Invisible, Libra Ultra Thin, Libra Extra, Libra Maternity


4 Layer Insta Dry Technology

What’s this? Our clever technology, that draws away blood from the surface of the pad.

Why do we include it? You’ll feel much dryer.

Which Pads? Libra Invisible



What’s this? A special Libra feature of the pad wrapper. Using the wrapper from your fresh pad, you can roll up your used pad, pressing the edges to seal. Odour is locked in.

Why do we include it? Sometimes you don’t have easy access to a bin. With Roll. Press. Go, you can leave the sealed pad in your bag until you find a bin.

Which Pads? Libra Girl, Libra Invisible, Libra Ultra Thin


Unique Wing Design

What’s this? Our wings easily and firmly fold around your undies, to offer you the ultimate confidence.

Why do we include it? We offer our pads with or without wings.   This one is your call, girl.

Which Pads? Libra Girl, Libra Invisible, Libra Ultra Thin, Libra Extra, Libra Maternity


Still not sure which pad is right for you? Contact Us – we’d love to help.

Love, Libra


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