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    Taboo? Who? Not periods, that's fo' sho'. πŸ™…πŸ½β€β™€οΈNext time you feel #awkies around something period-related…


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    Possibly our most questionable #oddspot EVER. πŸ€” Newsflash: periods are NORMAL. πŸ“’ Half of the human race has the…

    3 days ago

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    When you let out the loud "UGHHH. WHY!" cry after a manic bathroom hunt for SOMETHING to stop the flow. (Devo, we kno…

    4 days ago

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    Just like ERRYBODY has different cravings, pick-me-up tunes & Netflix faves on their period, our #FLOW varies from ga…

    9 days ago

  • Girl's gotta WERK. πŸ’» While it may seem taboo to talk about periods over the desk, you'd be surprised to see how ma…

    12 days ago