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Menopause: The Myths

Menopause used to be considered the gateway to being ‘old’ – but not anymore!
In generations past, things like weight gain, a reduced sex life, increased facial hair (experienced by about 40% of women after menopause), incontinence and generally feeling less attractive were accepted as part of menopause. Hang that!!

Here are the facts:

  • New research has indicated that many of these things have more to do with a slowed lifestyle rather than the inevitability of the ‘change of life’
  • With attention to diet and exercise, including pelvic floor muscle exercises, weight gain and stress incontinence can be managed, even avoided
  • Sex is often better, with no anxiety about falling pregnant, and a water-based lubricant from the supermarket is the simple solution to any vaginal dryness
  • For unwanted facial hair, the options of waxing, laser or ‘threading’ are available in most shopping centres and salons
  • Dress to please yourself! Older women are no longer confined to the dowdy and daggy – wear whatever makes you feel good!

In fact, many women find menopause an extremely liberating stage of life, as children are older and the chance to please yourself beckons. So although a lot of the symptoms do suck, like most things in life, if you look a little closer, there’s always an upside!

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Did you know?
In most regions of Australia, our koalas have a 100% infection rate of chlamydia.

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