The Change

Products for menopause

Like puberty, fluctuating hormones can mean the predictability of periods is out the window! And although it seems counterintuitive, some women have heavier periods than they’ve previously experienced.

Erratic Periods

If you are having erratic periods, wearing a liner will keep you covered – just in case. Our ‘protect active liners’ are our most popular everyday liners. They’re great for protection and keeping you fresh.

Little Leaks

1 in 3 women will experience some sort of bladder leakage in their lifetime! So we promise it’s pretty normal to experience this. There are two main types of bladder leakage:

  1. Stress incontinence: You’ll know this one if you have a leak when you laugh, cough or sneeze. It’s caused by a weakened pelvic floor muscle and with exercise, can be improved and in many cases, completely resolved.
  2. Urge incontinence: This is where you unexpectedly and urgently need to pee and can’t hold on. It often occurs as you’re arriving home and you know the loo is just there… but you don’t make it.

Regardless of which type if you’re experience (it can even be both), you can reduce the effects by undertaking daily Pelvic Floor exercises.

Our ‘Dry Liners’ and ‘Dry Long Liners’ are best suited for ‘little leaks’. The difference being the longer liner has more coverage, and more absorbency. They both feature materials specifically used for urine absorption, as opposed to the rest of our range being purely designed for period discharge and everyday freshness.

Our sister brand TENA is full of helpful hints and advice around bladder leakage and they actually have a whole range (Lights by TENA) specifically designed for the type of light bladder leakage experienced during menopause.


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