Girls, Meet Bali Body

At Libra, we love celebrating women, cheering them on as they live their best lives. In our new blog series #womenforwomen we’re shining the spotlight on Australian & New Zealand boss ladies who truly inspire us, in life and biz! Why? Because we think women are a force to be reckoned with – we know the only time a woman is helpless is when her nail polish is drying ?

It’s no coincidence that over 1 million beach babes around the world follow Bali Body, worshipping their (very Insta worthy) products. We’ve been lucky enough to sit down with BB’s founder, Laura Oosterloo and let’s just say we are completely inspired and in awe of all that this Aussie girl has achieved. It’s pretty much #careergoals.

But firstly, how did the wonder oil and skincare range that is Bali Body, land in the hands of millions of beach babes worldwide? Bali Body was formulated to combat and assist with the debilitating effects sensitive skin and eczema have on so many. Laura spent much of her childhood and adolescence suffering with these conditions with limited skin care options and brands to safely call her own. While on a career break in Bali with her partner (and now hubby) Dave, the duo decided to solve this challenge, drawing inspiration from their tropical surroundings. What they dreamt up just under four years ago – a luxe, tropical sun and skincare brand, is now a thriving, global company. BB sells a product every 43 seconds, 365 days of the year.

So, what is it exactly that we love so much about Bali Body? A couple of things. Just like our Libra pads and tampons, all Bali Body products are 100% Australian made. In fact, like us, all their products are made in their hometown of Melbourne.

We also love their commitment to formulating with naturally derived plant, seed-based oils and butters. The team are absolute perfectionists when it comes to their product quality, just like us 🙂

Desperate to know the secrets, we asked Laura to share her best tips to be successful in your passion. Laura has three musts…

  • Plan plan plan. Failing to plan, really is planning to fail.
  • Make decisions quickly. Don’t waste time ‘umming & ahhing.’ Follow your gut, it’s always right.
  • Communicate! Laura responds to all emails, texts and social messages immediately! A zero email inbox, always.

Now, with so many luxe products, which one is our favourite? It’s hard to hero just one… until you’ve tried the BB Bronzing Lotion. An antioxidant-rich moisturiser that provides a hint of tint from organic caramel extract, while smoothing the skin with Vitamin E and natural oils. It’s Laura’s daily lotion and now taking centre spot in our bathroom cupboard.

Because we love Australian made brands created by women, for women, we’ve got the ultimate holiday dreaming pack to giveaway. For your chance to WIN the entire Bali Body range for you and your bestie, head to our Instagram page and find our Bali Body post, then follow the prompts.


Love, Libra

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