Laced in Confidence

At Libra, we love celebrating women, cheering them on as they live their best lives. In our blog series #womenforwomen we’re shining the spotlight on Australian and New Zealand boss ladies who truly inspire us, in life and biz!

Why? Because we think women are a force to be reckoned with – we know the only time a woman is helpless is when her nail polish is drying ?

It turns out that we’re not the only ones who feel like we’ve got our whole lives together when our bras match our underwear. Realising the power of good lingerie on any given day, Kate did what any great #girlboss does, took this inspiration and turned it into an amazing creation of her own. Girls, say hello to the beauty that is Kat the Label!

Kate wanted ‘women to leave their house each day, ready to take on whatever the day would bring.’

A designer, creator, and lover of fashion to the core, Kate was living in Byron Bay back in ‘15 when she decided to turn her lifelong passions into a label for the world to love. After countless hours of hard work, what she finally nailed was ‘fiercely feminine designs, with the option to be exposed or hidden – created to lace you with confidence.’ With the belief that ‘lingerie is the match which ignites one’s confidence,’ Kate wanted ‘women to leave their house each day, ready to take on whatever the day would bring.’ That’s #womenforwomen in its finest form!

Coming up with new, beautiful collections, is all in a day’s work for Kate. “I head over to China twice a year to source all my fabrics from small merchants myself. It’s in doing this I discover unique, forgotten and wonderful lace you don’t see in mainstream lingerie. I also seek inspiration in beautiful vintage architecture, delicate trims on Victorian era houses for example, intricate work in ceilings of European churches, and delicate hand carved doors from Morocco. I love to travel, and always find this is my best source of inspiration.’

When buying new lingerie, Kate suggests we “start by looking for colour, design and fabrication. Something that looks beautiful is just as important as how comfortable it is, so you can wear something special daily. Then, look to size and fit, to make sure it’s a style that suits your bust.”

Kate also loves to promote matching sets, purely because – who doesn’t feel like they’ve got their life in order when their undies are matching their bra? Kate gave us the BEST tip too – buy two pairs of undies, so you can wear a matching set a couple of times before washing. Genius, huh?

Kate’s best tips to be successful in your passion, is to learn to be patient, while staying determined. “Some days you can get so fed up with the slow process, but I try to look 10 years in the future instead of at the bad week I just had. Nothing happens overnight.”

Hanging to check out Kate’s designs? Just head over to katthelabel.com 🙂

Love, Libra.

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