Loving the Skin You’re in with Luna Bronze

We’re so excited to chat with the glow-getting besties behind tanning mecca Luna Bronze, on staying #unfiltered and supporting friends through the bad times and the good.

At Libra, we love celebrating women, cheering them on as they live their best lives. In our blog series #womenforwomen, we’re shining the spotlight on Australian and New Zealand boss ladies who truly inspire us, in life and biz! Why? Because we think women are a force to be reckoned with – we know the only time a woman is helpless is when her nail polish is drying.

Luna Bronze founders Maddy and Rhi are the ultimate glow-getters, changing up the self-tanning game as we know it. These girls implore us to love, protect and feel hella confident in the skin we’re in, promoting self-worshipping over sun-worshipping. But the reason they girls felt inspired to bring Luna Bronze to life traces back to a more personal turning point.

“Luna Bronze was actually created after I had a run in with a form of skin cancer. It was what woke me up to the dangers of sun tanning and UV exposure, and made me search for a natural, sunless tanning product that fitted nicely into my daily beauty routine,” Maddy recalls.


“if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” …if something’s not ready, don’t rush it!”, says Maddy

Rhi and Maddy had a lightbulb moment. They’d stumbled across an opportunity to create a kick-ass, organic self-tanner (that also looks mighty fine in your beauty stash). But before launching into the beauty biz, the pair came from totally different backgrounds, proving that it’s never too ambitious to run with a great idea.

“We’re new to the skincare game, myself having come from a finance and insurance background and Rhi as an Executive Assistant in the architecture industry,” Maddy says.

“We ensured that what we lack in scientific know-how is supported by an experienced team of qualified professionals who bring our product briefs (and dreams) to reality,” adds Rhi.

We love that the girls have ensured Luna Bronze is Australian-made, just like our pads and tampons! So, before commencing a shopping spree, we were desperate to know what Rhi and Maddy’s fave products are from their range.

For Maddy, it’s a close tie between the debut Glow Gradual Tanning Moisturiser and the Eclipse Tanning Mousse.




“Glow is your dependable, daily moisturiser that is super hydrating with the perks of a golden glow, and Eclipse is perfect for when you want to take your tan up a few notches. It’s amazing what a coat of this can do for your self-confidence!”, she says.

There’s nothing better than two BFFs doing biz-life together and supporting each other along the way. But, let’s be #real, nobody has their glow on ALL of the time.

“We tell each other when we need to work harder or push to reach deadlines, and we always remind each other of the amazing brand we have built and to not lose faith. We also know when it is time to talk shop and when it is time to go out for dinner and enjoy our friendship,” Rhi says.

Lastly, we couldn’t help but press the gals for a slice of advice on following your passions. Brb, jotting this one down…

“My biggest piece of advice (which we’re still guilty of not heeding from time to time!) would be that “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” …if something’s not ready, don’t rush it!”, says Maddy.

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