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Arabella Q’s Story

14 and Overseas

Last year (2018), I was on a family holiday in Bali and was just a few months off turning 15. At dinner one night i got the worst pains in my lower stomach i’ve ever had and went back to the hotel and ruled it down to the food. After coming back home i was still experiencing these awful pains and went to the doctor. he put me on the pill to see if that would calm the pain but it didn’t. After 1 ultrasound, 2 blood tests and 5 different doctors I got a referral to a gyno. This lady was so rude and told me I was making up this pain because she had never heard of someone with this much pain at the age i was, so i went home with no answers. My mum and I both knew something was wrong so we went back to our local doctors who still had no clue what was wrong! I went and saw a surgeon a few months later but he gave us no answers or hope of finding out what was wrong.

In the middle of February this year (2019) I got another referral to a different gyno 2 hours away from where i live. i went and saw him and he listened to what i had to say and knew something was obviously wrong. He put me on hormones and told me to come back in 2 months. Not even 2 weeks later i went back to him as my condition was worsening. i was then booked in for a laparoscopy for the next week, which revealed i had a large amount of angry endo behind my uterus.

I just got my stitches out and can’t wait to get back into being a normal teenager again.

so the moral of my story is, don’t give up if someone doesn’t believe you. ALWAYS get a second opinion because it basically saved my life from pain.

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