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Charlie P’s Story

Dealing With Endometriosis

At an early age of 17, I was suffering really bad period pains, they increased each year as I grew older.  I did not understand why and was not taken to a medical practice until it became virtually unbearable each month.  When I did see a GP he wanted to put me on the birth control pill which my mother profusely disagreed with.  I suffered in silence going through my pain each month and not being able to share my story as no other friend was experiencing my symptoms.  Each month I would be absent from school then work, functions or other.  If I only knew what I know now it would be a lot more understanding.  Later in life I developed polycystic ovaries and then eventually had a hysterectomy.  My worst years were during my teens and all I know is no one knew what I had or could help me. I only used Libra panties and still do. They saved me.


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