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Diana S’ Story

Diana’s Endo Journey

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis at the age of 21 and lived in Sydney at the time. I experienced extreme pain through period, exercise and sexual intercourse. This is how I knew something wasn’t right.

The first time I felt pain I let it go for a while and then one day it was too much for me to handle that I had to go to emergency. The next day the Gynaecologist that was connected to the hospital told me she was going to perform a laparoscopy on me the very next day. Which she did. She knew very little about Endometriosis but still had some knowledge and could tell this is where my pains were coming from.

After the first surgery, she advised that she had found bits of endometriosis everywhere and removed it. However, there was a little bit that she couldn’t get to as she was not skilled enough. That year I ended up in hospital roughly 4-5 times from the pain.

That’s when I decided to see another doctor. She was excellent. After one consultation she decided I needed another laparoscopy because it had sounded with like the pain I was in the endo would have grown back..

After my second surgery, this doctor advised I would no longer need surgery as she had removed it all and I would never need it again. She strongly advised that I insert the Mirena but that was something I was strongly against.

It has been a year and a bit since the second surgery and I have had non stop pain in between. I have moved back home to Adelaide where I am originally from. I decided to see another surgeon as the pain had not stopped. My last surgeon being Dr Fariba. Instantly Dr Fariba wanted to perform surgery. I had stressed to her that the last Dr told me I didn’t need another surgery. She said she wanted to just double check to make sure.

Two days ago after surgery, I spoke with the Surgeon who had explained to me that she found Endometriosis on my Uterus which is called Adenomyosis. She also found Polyps in my uterus that she thankfully removed before they could get cancerous! I trust this final surgeon with my life as she has only cared about my wellbeing and still wants to see me often.

I got the Mirena implanted when I had my last surgery and have since had it removed as it caused me more issues. Sorry if this is a long story but this is mine. Three surgeries in three years and I’m only 24.

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