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Drink Up

Did you know that often when we feel hungry, we’re actually thirsty?

Our ability to read ‘thirst’ deteriorates as we age – and for many of us, it wasn’t that great to start with. That’s why drinking enough water every day doesn’t come naturally and we need to put in some effort!

Water is best for hydration. Unless you’re an elite athlete, few of us need sports drinks which are often loaded with sugar and salts. Similarly, fizzy drinks contain large amounts of refined sugar and many of the diet versions contain acids which are detrimental to your tooth enamel.

Smoothies and fruit juices are delicious but are often very high in calories and natural sugars and without the fibre of the full fruit, there’s nothing to slow down the absorption of the sugar, so they can induce a sugar rush followed by a slump.

So yes, it’s best to stick with water.

The team here at Libra likes to think of it in terms of preferring to eat our calories rather than drink them – well, as soft drinks anyway : )

Odd Spot #411
Did you know?
The average person expels flatulence 14 times each day.