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Eloise J’s Story

Eloise’s Endo Story

I suffered for 10 year of horrific pain of endo before i had key hole surgery and was diagnosed. I was on the public waiting list for a year and a half. The surgery doctor essentially tried to talk me out of getting it done as apparently more often than not they don’t find endo in their patients. But I knew my body and I knew there was something significantly wrong for my body to be in such crippling pain.

I was prescribed all sorts of pills but none of them cut it for me. As a shy person I was mortified to have to lie on the ground in a foetal position at the supermarket crying because by pain was unbearable.

I wasn’t warned that my first period post surgery would be worse than any other horrific one I had experienced, I expected it to be walking on a cloud after having the endo removed. But I was so wrong. There’s a lot of misconceptions about endo and not a lot of advice doctors can give as “everyone is so different”. Which became more and more discouraging.

Today I resorted to getting a marina, it has reduced the heaviness and pain significantly, but there are times where it still flares up and I’m in agony again.

Please be kind to your friends, siblings, co workers and daughters who are complaining of really bad cramps, help them and don’t minimise their pain.

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