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Emily C’s Story

It’s All In Your Head

I got my period earlier than all of my friends at 11. My periods seemed to be relatively okay until I hit 15. Every time I would get my period I would be in a ball on the floor from the pain and would be vomiting too. I get diarrhea every time and vomit still sometimes if the pain is bad enough. Sex has also always been a struggle as I find it quite painful and uncomfortable… I can’t even insert a tampon the pain is that bad.

I have gone to many different gps since I was 15 and only now, at 21, did I convince one of them to give me a referral to a gyno. As much as I got told “you’ll be fine, take a panadol” and “you know it’s normal for periods to hurt right” I knew deep down something wasn’t right. There was times when I was unsure whether it was in my head because of how many times I’d been told this… but you know your body better than anyone.

I’ve just had my first laparoscopy and have officially been diagnosed.  It was good and bad. Obviously very disheartening to know that I may struggle to have children, when that’s all I’ve ever really wanted to do but also a relief to hear because I finally now know it’s not all in my head like everyone had kept telling me.

I just want to let anyone know who’s unsure, be strong and keep pushing until you get a doctor that listens. As I said earlier, you know your body better than anyone else. Good luck girls, you’re stronger than you think x

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