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Gina B’s Story

Menopause at 16

After years of pain and extreme symptoms, with my mum on my side we visited a Gynaecologist at age 15. The gyno told me pain was “normal” and there was no need for further investigation. Luckily my mum didn’t take no for an answer. After visiting an endo specialist who took me seriously and having a laparoscopy, I found out I was covered in endo. I was told if if this wasn’t caught so early I would have been easily infertile by 25 and it was one of the worst cases my specialist had seen in someone so young. I’m glad my mum was persistent. After my surgery I was given Zoladex injections. This suppresses your sex hormones and is often used to treat breast cancer. A known side effect of this treatment is menopause symptoms. Yes I’m talking hot flushes. My mum and I were experienced menopause together for 6 months.

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