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Keeping It Clean

We’ve all had moments of paranoia about having smelly bits – and in truth, sometimes we do smell!

Like all body odour, it’s usually caused by bacteria that thrive on sweat and as we perspire quite a bit between our legs, it can get a bit whiffy down there. Culprits for making things worse are synthetic pants (undies, trousers, swimmers, active wear), hot weather and exercise. Plastic or vinyl seats on buses and in stadiums on a hot day don’t help either!

Showering regularly, which means at least daily, sometimes more if you’re doing sport, definitely helps. Use a gentle, unscented soap or to clean the area around your vagina (vulva).   Never wash inside the vagina. The vagina will clean itself inside your body with natural secretions.  Using scented body wash or soaps inside the vagina can throw out your vagina’s pH balance, which can lead to itchiness, irritation and odour. Using a washcloth or a free-hand is better than using a loofah, which can create small tears and increase your risk of infection of STDs.

You shouldn’t need to use powders and sprays. Regular washing and a thorough dry are enough. Clean cotton or bamboo underwear every day also helps keep you fresh, wicking moisture away from the skin. A liner will also absorb and lock away any moisture before it can develop bacteria and start to emit odours.

Try Libra 2-in-1 Liners. Each liner has two layers, so when you feel you need a refresh, simply peel the top layer off to reveal the clean layer underneath. They’re truly brilliant if we do say so ourselves!

A little light bladder leakage when you laugh, cough or sneeze is also very common. For this, try Libra Flexi Dry Liners which are specially designed for this and prevent odours from developing.

Did You Know…

Basically, anything that makes you sweat could make you smell, but if the odour is persistent, even after showering, or is strong and unpleasant,  best get along to the GP as the cause may, in fact, be an infection.

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