All Things Periods

Let’s Talk Period Sex


Periods are totally normal and so is sex, but the idea of both together freaks out a whole lot of women. While yes, your sheets might look like something from CSI afterwards, whether you do it or not, is totally up to you (and your partner)!

Ladies, there is no physical issue with getting down and dirty during your period. The hesitation is all psychological. It’s simply a personal decision. So, if you’re feeling like a bit more than Netflix and chocolate during that time of the month, go for it! Here are our top tips for great period sex:

  1. Make sure your partner knows: It’s one thing to be cool with it, but make sure you give your partner the heads up before you start. They could get a bit of a shock if they’re not prepared!
  2. Try shower sex: There’s no denying things could get messy, so the shower is a good option for a quick clean up. If that’s not for you, we’d suggest a strategically placed towel on the bed to keep those sheets clean!
  3. Use contraception: Although it’s certainly rarer than other times in the cycle, you can get pregnant (can I get pregnant..) while Aunt Flo is in town!

If you’re still on the fence, we should probably also let you know that having sex during your period really helps to reduce cramps! At the very least, it should take your mind off them.


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