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13 Years Old.. And Felt Like Dying

I was 13 when I was diagnosed. It took them around 9-12 months, I know that’s not much compared to many others, but being so young it felt like forever. I missed out on so much school, and was told so many times I was faking it. Now, I just turned 16 and live with chronic nerve pain and IBS. My life will never be the same. Whilst I haven’t gone into another operation, and am considered a success story, some days I just want to give up. But I keep on pushing, and that is my number 1 advice for anyone living with Endo; you have to keep pushing. Not only for yourself, but for your parents (especially my mum), your friends and everyone around you. Because not only are they sad that you are suffering, but it causes them physical pain to see you like this.

Stay strong girls, and prove to everyone we can beat this ❤

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