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Menstrual Cups

We all know the lowdown on pads, tampons and liners. But what’s the deal with menstrual cups?

Menstrual cups are small, flexible, bell-shaped cups, made of silicone or latex rubber. A reusable alternative to pads and tampons, these cups are designed to collect your flow rather than to absorb it. Like tampons, they work by insertion, creating a seal against the vaginal wall to catch and prevent leaks. You remove the cups every 4-12 hours (depending on your flow), empty, wash and re-insert.

Are they safe? Yep. But to ensure they stay that way, regular cleaning, sterilisation and proper storage is imperative. You can’t risk bacteria or germs contaminating the cup, otherwise it opens up the chance for infection or irritation. And like tampons, they’re also believed to be linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome – rare, but still a possibility to be aware of. So, it’s super important to stay vigilant with the maintenance of the cup.

Why don’t Libra have menstrual cups? Although cups are the choice of some women, many for environmental reasons, the majority of women in Australia and New Zealand opt for pads and tampons. It really all comes down to personal choice and we support women with their choices, whatever they may be. For now, our focus remains on making the highest quality pads and tampons, right here in Victoria, Australia.

Where to go for more information, support or help? Your GP is always the best starting point when you have any health questions.


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