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Natalie B’s Story

It took 6 years…

This all started 6 years ago when I began to experience unbearable period pain and irregular bowel movements.
I went on the pill and unfortunately that didn’t help so that’s when I started seeking professional advice.
It started with me changing pills 3 times in one year which was the worst thing EVER! #moodyashell
I ended up going back on my original pill as none of the new ones helped.
I was then told to seek advice from a Gastroenterologist in which I had multiple Colonoscopies which then diagnosed me with IBS.
To cut an extremely long story short. I wasn’t satisfied with that answer.
Fast forward to now, I found an amazing gynaecologist who wanted me to urgently get a laparoscopy done which I had exactly one week ago today, and she had diagnosed me with Endometriosis to the point where scar tissue had formed and caused my bowel to stick to my Fallopian tubes, uterus and ovaries.
I cannot urge women enough to keep seeing doctors and specialists until it’s sorted. No one knows your body like you do and no one should be living in pain.
If you’re in pain or something doesn’t seem right, please do something about it.

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