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The Same,  But Different

You will often here that women who are diagnosed with endometriosis suffered for many year with extremely debilitating period pain, and sometimes even pelvic pain during random parts of your circle. But not for me. I was lucky enough to never experience period pain, with it almost becoming a bragging point when comparing notes with other women about painful periods. And while I am super lucky I didn’t experience period pain, it also meant that the disease went unchecked and undiagnosed for many years.

It wasn’t until a cyst was discovered during a routine pelvic ultrasound, that my life got turned upside down. When the cyst ended up rupturing, I was in hospital for 5 days for pain management (they thought it was a normal cyst, nothing complicated) before they did a surgery to drain the cyst and found that it was a chocolate, and diagnosing me with stage 4-5 endometriosis.  Since then my body has not stopped fighting the endometriosis, with almost constant low grade fevers, extreme fatigue, chronic low inflammation and sometimes uncontrollable pain, I am only one of the many who are learning to cope with this condition and all its implications.

With endometriosis being such a silent and invisible disease, and the diagnosis process taking anywhere between 7-10 years. It impacts us daily, and it almost always leaves me battling with the want of living life, and the ability to sometimes even do the simplest things.

If you know anyone who has endo, I can guarantee you that if they cancel last minute, or just disconnect from the world, it is not a personal thing. Please just support us and help make life that little bit easier, and don’t guilt trip us into scenarios that could make a small flare up spin into an out of control battle with pain, obligations and the need for rest.

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