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Sylvia H’s Story

10 Operations later and still suffering

I got my period when I was just 12 years old. My first symptoms started when I was 16 I was having bad pains and the Dr referred me for a ultrasound. It showed cysts on my ovaries. The bad pain came back when I was 18 and my gp sent me to see a gynecologist who preformed my first laparoscopy. I was diagnosed with endometriosis and didn’t have a clue what that was but was told if I have a baby I’ll never get it back again which was a shock as I was still a baby myself. I needed another laparoscopy 3 years later, then 2 years later then it was happening often that I even had 2 in the one year. For the last 6 years endo has had such control over my life that I’m in pain everyday not just when I have periods. It’s taken a lot away from me. I can’t work from being in pain everyday, I can’t drive from being on strong painkillers daily, I hardly ever go out unless it’s to a Dr appointment but the one thing that gets me the most is it I might never get to be a mum and that’s the hardest thing to live with. All though having my period makes it so much worse, I’m really heavy and I clot badly. Endo is a nightmare to live with and I feel for anyone that has it as it’s an evil disease and takes so much away from us.

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