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Toni B’s Story

10 Years and Still Fighting

The nasty painful periods started from age of 15 and it took me 5 years to get diagnosed and 2 operations, soon to be my 3rd. I had to leave 3 jobs and uni cause of the pain I experience. It took 2 operations to get my son. My son is now 3, I’m married, hubby and I want to have another  baby and yet I can’t even go through a week without being in so much pain. Having my kids watch mummy curl up in to a ball crying my eyes out, my husband panics cause he can’t do anything for me and sex is twice as painful. I want to share my full story on endo. When I have my period, I end up haemorrhaging for days & I lose all colour in my face. I feel like I’ll never go through life without being in pain and will I ever not need painkillers. I even have more then 1 period a month, I can have up to 2-3 periods a month. I’m in pain even when I don’t have my period…

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