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Something SMALL has landed!

Introducing tampons for beginners!

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Woolworths Joins the War Against Period Poverty.

Woollies have announced their partnership with the amazing period poverty warriors, ‘Share the Dignity’.

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And the winner is… Periods!

‘Period. End of Sentence’ a film about breaking down menstruation stigma just took out the Oscar for best documentary short subject at the 2019 Academy Awards.

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Bloody Amazing!

The introduction of the #Periodemoji, a red droplet of blood, is another step forward in normalising periods and opening the conversation around menstruation!

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Official Partner of REDcycle

At Libra we’re commited to minimising our environmental impact. That’s why all our packaging is 100% recyclable. We’ve partenered with REDcycle, who collect soft plastics …

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Roll. Press Go. We know it’s not always easy to dispose of your pad. If you’re at a girlfriend’s house, or just can’t find a …

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    This month we're chatting BODIES! And because we're ALWAYS banging on about vajayjays... we're taking a moment to shi…


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    The best things come in packages... & even BETTER when they're delivered to your doorstep 🙌🏼 Get your period su…

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    BRB, en-route to mid-year uni break! ✈️ Want to WIN a year's supply of Libra Original tamps + a year's supply of…

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    It’s not that time of the month yet, so you know it’s not your period arriving. It's kind of thick & creamy, then…

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    Can we just take a sec to appreciate our TOTALLY legendary 2in1 liners? #HUMBLE 🙌🏼 Designed with 2 thin layers,…

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