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Bloody Amazing!

The introduction of the #Periodemoji, a red droplet of blood, is another step forward in normalising periods and opening the conversation around menstruation!

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Official Partner of REDcycle

At Libra we’re commited to minimising our environmental impact. That’s why all our packaging is 100% recyclable. We’ve partenered with REDcycle, who collect soft plastics …

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Roll. Press Go. We know it’s not always easy to dispose of your pad. If you’re at a girlfriend’s house, or just can’t find a …

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Lovelibra Instagram

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    Let's face it, we've all got a pile of uninspiring, designated 'period undies'. 🙈Well, we officially give you perm…


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    Attention, Libra lovers. 💕 Let's take this opportunity to have a moment of silence for all those undies we've lost…

    2 days ago

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    While you, your BFF & your inflatable flamingo are all major water babies, the adhesiveness of a pad can't handle hit…

    3 days ago

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    Coordinating bespoke PJ sets with your bestie? Now that's #friendshipgoals. 👯 Win a monogrammed pair of pyjamas fo…

    5 days ago

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    Ever put on a pad & think "hmmmm, have I even done that right?". 🤔 To be one hundy % sure, do a quick double-take…

    7 days ago