Woolworths Joins the War Against Period Poverty.

Woolworths have announced their partnership with the amazing period poverty warriors, ‘Share the Dignity’.

For every pack of tampons, pads or liners sold nationally, the supermarket will donate 5 cents to this incredible organisation, who are seeking to eradicate period poverty. The partnership is estimated to provide one million dollars over the next year, which will go directly towards installing and maintaining more of the charity’s’ ‘Pink Box Dignity Vending Machines’.  These dispense free period packs to women in need. The number of these is expected to double over the next year with the increased funding.

A staggering 3.2 million Australians are living below the poverty line and 52% of them are women and young girls. “Many mother’s have to choose between buying tampons and feeding their children” and “girls miss out on school simply because families cannot afford to buy the basic necessities” says ‘Share the Dignity’ Founder Rochelle Courtenay.

No woman should have to choose between sanitary care and feeding her family. This is a huge step forward in ending period poverty in Australia.

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