May 01, 2023

Answering all your Period Proof Brief Questions

Ahh, period underwear. The period care you’ve been meaning to try, but as soon as the time comes, you’re reaching for the pads again. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that - we love the classics, too. But we reckon period undies could just be your new fave!

Our Period Proof Briefs are just like your regular ones - but way cooler. Designed with super-soft layers, they keep you comfy, leak-free and feeling fresh. We know what you might be thinking: what about the smell? Leaks? How long will they last? Are they hygienic? Let us reassure you, our period undies won’t leave you feeling disappointed. 

Change isn’t always easy - so we’ve answered all your burning questions!

What is period underwear and where can I wear it?

So what actually is period underwear? Think of them as a cross between your comfiest pair of undies and a trusty pad, made with innovative, special layers to keep you protected. 

Like pads and tampons, period undies aren’t a one-size-fits-all. Everybody's cycle is different, so we have a variety of styles and absorbencies to suit you and your flow. From hipster to full-brief, light to heavy flow, 2XS to 3XL, we’ve got you covered. 

Each absorbency is specially designed to keep you protected and feeling fresh. Our light period underwear feature three layers; a mesh layer to lock in odour and moisture, a leak-resistant layer to absorb any flow and a breathable barrier layer that keeps you extra dry. For those who want a little extra protection, our moderate absorbency underwear have an extra wicking layer and our heavy period undies range features two absorbency layers. 

You can wear period undies at any stage of your cycle. Overnight, at the gym, in the office… wherever you are, you’ll be thriving in style and comfort. A common concern is they’re not safe to wear when exercising, but it’s quite the opposite. No matter the workout, our period briefs provide breathability and moisture-wicking technology, so you’re good to break a sweat!

Will people be able to smell me? 

There’s heaps of period taboos out there, one of them being period odour. And while some period odour, like a metallic scent, is pretty normal, the idea that period undies make you smell bad is just not true.

Our Period Proof Briefs have anti-odour technology and an anti-bacterial layer, eliminating and neutralising odours and bacteria. No bad smells here; just your body doing its thing, and period undies doing theirs.

I’m worried I’ll leak!

That’s fair enough - we’ve all been there. But our period undies have your back. They’re made with innovative super soft, super absorbent and super breathable materials, which wick away moisture, lock in odour, and keep you feeling dry and protected. 

‘But my flow is so heavy!’, we hear you say. No worries, our heavy flow period undies absorb eight pads’ or five tampons’ worth of blood, mucus and discharge. All without leaking a single drop. Is your flow light or somewhere in the middle? We’ve got light and moderate options, too. 

Consider trialing period undies paired with a tampon, or while at home, until you get used to them. Good things take time!

I feel unhygienic! 

Wanna give them a go, but can’t get past the fear of feeling wet or unhygienic? That’s okay. We’re taught that period blood is ‘gross’ from the minute we learn what a period is. It takes some time to shake off that stigma. But remember period blood is totally normal!

To keep you feeling fresh, our Period Proof Briefs are equipped with super-breathable layers, anti-bacterial technology that traps odour, and a leak-proof barrier to keep you feeling dry and clean. Similar to a pad, you won’t be sitting in a pool of menstrual fluid. 

I’m worried about washing them with my other clothes!   

Whether you throw them in the washing basket with your other dirty clothes and wash them once a week, straight away, or soak them before washing, your undies will come out clean and won’t stain your other clothes. 

Cleaning them is a breeze. Start with a cold water rinse (you can skip this step if you want to), then throw them in a washing machine with your other clothes on a cold wash. Just think about all the other things washed in your load: brother’s dirty socks, kid’s muddy clothes... your washing will be alright.

Tip: avoid using bleach, softeners and tumble dryers – just some good ol’ laundry soap, water and a line-dry keeps them their best. 

While we’re here, let’s clear up a common misconception: that menstrual fluid is just blood. Sometimes it can seem there’s A LOT on a pad, but we actually only lose an average of four tablespoons of blood per cycle, depending on your flow. The rest is made up of secretions, mucus, tissue. And no, that won’t stain your washing, either!

How many uses will I get out of them?

Our Period Proof Briefs are made to last. As long as you take care of them, they’ll last you a minimum of 50 washes. So if you wash twice on your cycle, they should last you about 25 periods! That’s longer than a whole bunch of other things in your life. Like one whole school year, driving on your red P’s, and most TikTok trends (we’re looking at you, low-rise jeans).

You’ll know to say goodbye to your pair when, after some time, absorbency begins to wane. Underwear in general is also a delicate garment, so another hint is when the elastic and thread become a little damaged with some wear and tear. Keep in mind this all happens after a long while of use, and isn’t a reflection of its amazingness! Even after a few years, you can still keep them for lighter flow days or as your comfy go-to pair. 

Period undies are a great option for managing your flow, and we think they’re the future of period care. Leak-proof, odour-resistant and breathable, they’re pretty bloody good. Try them out, and feel confident to be on the go with your flow!

Love, Libra x

Essity makes no warranties or representations regarding the completeness or accuracy of the information. This information should be used only as a guide and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional, medical or other health professional advice.


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