Apr 30, 2020

Ideas to Survive Self Isolation

Introducing *drum roll, please*… Your go-to guide to surviving self isolation! For those of you playing at home (aka all of you), you better believe that boredom CAN be defeated. So, before you resort to cutting your own bangs, have a scroll through our top ideas to surviving self isolation that will keep you entertained from the comfort of your couch.


Tip #1: Stay connected

With everything going on right now, it’s the PERFECT time to check in with your loved ones. Remember, we’re all in this together, so you know that your family will definitely appreciate that weekly call from their daughter/granddaughter/sister (etc)!

Keep up with your fellow QuaranQueens! There are heaps of ways to continue Girls’ Night even when we’re self isolating, such as through group video chat apps (like FaceTime or Houseparty), Netflix Watch Parties (yep, there’s a free extension that you can download from Google Chrome, get on it!) or playing virtual games together, like trivia, Draw Something or Animal Crossing.

Get amongst some #girltalk over at the Libra Girl forum! You can chat with your girl gang, give or receive some advice, or just read interesting stories and conversations.


Tip #2: Get streaming

It goes without saying that Netflix, Stan, Amazon Prime and/or Disney+ are an absolute MUST during self isolation. Kick your feet up and get cosy gals: Netflix and chill to the rescue! What is the Libra Team currently watching? The Bold Type, Outer Banks, Cheer and The Vampire Diaries. We reckon it’s a great chance to catch up on ALL of our favourite series, both old and new – we don’t discriminate here!

While you’re binge watching, you can go ahead and treat yourself to some delicious and nutritious snacks. Our number 1 healthy snack at the moment is a mix of carrots, celery, cheese and hummus! And of course, don’t forget to #treatyourself from time to time – HELLO, chocolate.


Tip #3: Take care of YOU

As wonderful as couch time is, it’s just as important to stay active during self isolation. Keep up with at-home workout videos like Keep It Cleaner, or find some new exercise routines via YouTube. Hot tip: To have loads of fun while staying fit, search Just Dance videos and follow along with some #1 hits – you can thank us later!

Remember girls, while social distancing apparently doesn’t apply to periods (boo), there are many ways to manage any unwelcome symptoms. Keep your hot water bottle by your side, your chamomile tea in check, and your nutrition at an all-time high. We don’t mean to brag, but we’re kind of the experts here, so be sure to check out our top tips for helping to ease pain at that time of the month!


Tip #4: Have a pamper sesh!

You’ve got the perfect excuse to practise your best #selfcare, girlfriend! It’s time to survive self isolation and break out a face mask, light a candle, have a warm, relaxing bath, pop on your favourite Spotify playlist, paint your nails and meditate. And yes, we DO recommend doing all of this in the same night! Since pampering yourself is a fab way to relax and refresh, make sure you schedule in a weekly sesh at a minimum. More than once a week is absolutely encouraged.

If you’re missing your hair salon as much as we are, you can make a cute little change like using a temporary colour to dye your hair fairy floss pink. We know you’ve seen the results on TikTok! Whatever you do though, RESIST cutting yourself a fringe – we repeat, resist the iso bangs!


Tip #5: Get creative

A great idea to survive self isolation is to try your hand at becoming the next Picasso! Whip out some paint and go wild, creating your own gorgeous masterpiece. Or better yet, choose a pic for inspo, jump on a group video chat with some friends, and host your very own Virtual Painting class! Laughs GUARANTEED.

Practice your TikTok dance moves. NOW is the time to perfect your Renegade, Say So or Savage. If you want a real challenge, try to make it onto the For You page (viral fame here we come!).

Bake up a storm! Learn how to make the perfect brownies, cheesecake, or choc chip cookies. And best of all, you’ll get to taste test your yummy creations at the end!


So girls, we hope we’ve inspired you with some of our best ideas to surviving self isolation. We also want to remind you that it’s totally okay to feel uncertain during this crazy time – remember, we’re all in this together, and we will make it through with the support of each other!


Stay safe, stay healthy, and take care of yourself.


Love, Libra x



Anything else? Asaleo Care makes no warranties or representations regarding the completeness or accuracy of the information. This information should be used only as a guide and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional, medical or other health professional advice.


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